Saturday, Apr. 22 | 2:30pm | Chelsea First Congregational Church | 121 E. Middle St.
Nationally recognized author Kristin Hersh has had a storied career. As a solo artist and a member of bands Throwing Muses and 50FOOTWAVE. Her breakthrough memoir, Rat Girl, chronicles her time with the alt-rock group Throwing Muses as well as her manic depression diagnosis, and the birth of her first born child. Named number 8 in Rolling Stones’ list of 25 Greatest Rock Memoirs of All Time, Rat Girl delves into Hersh’s songwriting process, her musical inspirations, and the Throwing Muses rise to fame. 

Music has been a huge part of Hersh’s life and in 2015’s Don’t Suck, Don’t Die, she writes about her friendship with musician Vic Chesnutt. Hersh’s friendship with Chesnutt allows the readers to see the talented, yet troubled, Chesnutt for the brilliant performer he was known as. Music isn’t the only subject Hersh tackles in her writing. In Toby Snax, Hersh delves into the world of children’s books, encouraging children to explore the world around them and to not be afraid to try new things. The first edition of Toby Snax sold out immediately and had to be reprinted. Hersh’s family has been an inspiration for her books, and in 2021 she released a new memoir called Seeing Sideways. In this latest book, Hersh focuses on her family and the highs and lows of raising children as well as the struggles of working in the music industry. 

In addition to the memoirs Hersh has written, she has published some of her albums in book form. Wyatt at the Coyote Palace, Paradise/Purgatory, and Crooked sees essays and lyrics printed to accompany the eponymous albums, offering greater insight into those albums.